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Why Is My Cat Acting Hostile?

Why Is My Cat Acting Hostile?
If your cat is acting uncharacteristically mad, here are some things that could be causing the change in behavior.

Cats are often seen as being distant, moody, and aloof. These stereotypes are just as accurate as any other: there might be a small grain of truth somewhere, but it’s just not accurate most of the time. If your cat is acting uncharacteristically mad, here are some things that could be causing the change in behavior. 

Your Cat is Stressed

A lot of humans often become quite cross and downright difficult to be around when they’re stressed, and sometimes cats react similarly. Since cats don’t speak English, they express their dissatisfaction in other ways. A stressed-out cat may shred a piece of furniture, for example. Some cats will even ignore their litter box when they are super stressed and relieve themselves wherever they please. If you think your cat may be stressed, do your best to find the source of their agitation. Stress isn’t healthy for them, especially long-term. 

Physical Pain or Emotional Distress

No one wants to feel pain. For some of us, humans and felines alike, feeling pain or strong negative emotions can make us lash out. It is important that your cat has a place they feel safe. It is best if it’s a place as far from other animals as possible. They will have a place to hide, groom themselves, and sleep away from other annoying animals. A cat tree can help immensely with this, and many felines climb and perch to get a sense of privacy and safety. 

Social Interactions

It is also crucial that your cat gets plenty of opportunities to socialize with other animals. It would help if you introduced your cat to as many other dogs and cats as you can, as early as you can.

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