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Why Your Pets’ Feet Smell Weird

Why Your Pets' Feet Smell Weird
Dog paws sometimes smell like corn chips. Read on to learn why this occurs and whether or not it is cause for concern.

Dogs are amazing companions. They’re loyal and funny, and we love them through and through. But they sometimes do some strange things. Occasionally that strangeness comes in the form of “Oh my gosh eww! what did you just eat?” But more often, it is in the form of “What is that smell?” This is especially true of the weird Fritos odor that dog paws sometimes have. No, you’re not imagining it. Dog paws sometimes smell like corn chips. Here’s why.

What Causes Frito Paw?

In a word, the smell comes from bacteria. While it’s probably the last thing you want to hear, dog paws are a playground for bacteria. Most of this is normal and natural (and remember that some good bacteria is vital). After all, your pooch walks around on those pads all day. For there not to be germs and bacteria, it would be like there being nothing on the bottoms of your old sneakers – impossible. Along with the bacteria that your dog picks up walking around, they also lick those paws, so there’s saliva on the pads and the fur between them. Proteus or pseudomonas bacteria is the likely culprit for the yeasty, corn chip smell. 

When Should You Worry?

Since the Frito smell is fairly harmless, is their paw odor you should worry about? Yes. If the odor gets really foul, if there is discharge, or if there is visible redness, get your pup’s paws checked. This could be a sign of bacterial overgrowth, or it could be the sign of an infection. There are lots of ways that your pup’s pads can get injured without you noticing, such as an abrasion on the pad, something stuck between the pads, or a toenail issue. Take time to check them out regularly as part of your pet care routine, and always rinse or wash them after hiking. If your pup is prone to pad injury, you could also consider doggy booties for when he goes outside.

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