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Why Your Dog Itches and How to Help

Is your dog overly itchy? As one of the most common concerns we see at Alexander Animal Hospital, if your dog is itchy, there are several causes that might be at play. Having a dog that is frequently itching, biting their feet and skin, and licking often can be worrying and annoying if it’s loud. There are several things that can cause your pets to have irritated skin, today we’ll go over some of the most common causes and help you learn how to help. 

Why Your Dog Itches and How to Help
Is your dog overly itchy?

What’s Making My Pet Itch? 

The three most common causes for itching in dogs include parasites, allergies, and infections. Fleas are one of the most common reasons for dog itch, and unfortunately, can be difficult to get rid of. If you find that your dog has a flea problem, you likely will need to treat your entire home and yard as well as using topical and oral flea treatments for all of the animals within your home. If your dog has a food allergy, it can cause a variety of symptoms including itching, digestive upsets, and more, although in some cases your dog may only show signs of itchiness. Yeast and bacterial infections can also cause itching, as can excessively dry skin. 

Treating Itchiness 

After you find the cause of your pets scratching you can begin treatment. Flea and parasite treatment is often the most complicated because it requires that you remove the infestation from your pet and home at the same time. If you’re treating your pet with a flea bath without addressing the fact that you likely have flea eggs in carpeting, and any fabric, you’ll have another flea infestation as soon as your pooch dries off. Depending on the type of condition, you may be able to simply use topical treatments like anti-itch shampoos or oatmeal baths that help restore moisture and luster to your pet’s coat. In the case of a bacterial or fungal issue, you’ll usually use a medicated shampoo before trying an oral medication. 

Oral Therapies 

In the case of food allergies, excessive dryness, or advanced conditions, you may need to try oral medications, supplements, and more. Adding supplements of fish oil can be widely beneficial if your pet has dry skin or minor food allergies. You may also try antihistamines, steroids, and cyclosporine to help alleviate symptoms. 

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