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Strategies to Maintain Your Pet Calm During Fireworks

alexander animal hospital maintain your pet calm during fireworks

Check out these strategies to maintain your pet calm during fireworks.

Is your pet scared of loud noises, especially fireworks? Don’t wait until the holiday hits, US Independence Day. You can create a plan to be proactive now to assist your pet in being a bit less afraid of the unpredictable, scary noises of fireworks and other sounds. Check out these strategies to maintain your pet calm during fireworks.

Check with Your Veterinarian Regarding Medications

Talk to your veterinarian if your dog gets anxious about noises if you have never discussed it before. He or she might be able to provide a prescription. And if you can’t visit before the holiday, call your vet as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this is a long-term problem since sound phobias tend to worsen and are not something to be taken lightly.

Perform Counterconditioning with Sounds

Get some pet treats and start carrying them around your home. Also, provide treats to your dog whenever there is any sudden or startling noise. Remember only to use those treats for noises. This is sometimes considered ad-hoc counterconditioning – using environmental noises to train and maintain your pet calm during fireworks.

Make a Safe Place for Your Pet

Create a safe place for your dog and make it comfortable for her or him. However, the flashes of light that come with significant fireworks displays can scare them too. So, consider darkening any windows nearby or cover the safe place with a cover if necessary. Additionally, be aware that you are unable to mute the low-frequency sounds of thunder or fireworks with the amount of absorbent material you use at home. But being underground can typically help, including basements for some dogs.

Experiment with Sound Masking

Another way to maintain your pet calm during fireworks is to experiment with sound masking or music to determine the most helpful for your situation. This can include natural noise, recorded white noise, or music to disguise the pops and booms. Here’s a tip: the lower the frequencies the masking or music has, the better it can mask those low-pitched booms.

Comfort Your Dog

Analyze what’s most helpful to your pet: food after every thunderclap, a cuddle, sweet talk, some lap time, or hiding alone in a secluded place. Then help your dog do it because helping a pet through a tough time is not “coddling.”

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