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Pet Safety Tips for Visiting the Beach with Your Dog

alexander animal hospital pet safety tips

Check out these pet safety tips for taking your dog to the beach!

Are you planning to take your dog to the beach this summer? Spend some quality time with your pet, soak in the hot sun, and enjoy the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. Check out these pet safety tips for taking your dog to the beach!

Select a Dog-Friendly Beach

Unfortunately, not all beaches allow dogs. Although dogs bring joy wherever they go, some people are uncomfortable having them around at the beach. Fair enough, everybody must feel comfortable in a public space, and dogs tend to get overly excited around many people and other dogs. For this reason, there are beaches where you can bring your pet.

Also, always keep your furry friend on a leash. Even on a dog beach, we recommend keeping the leash on and watching your dog because they can get excited around other people and dogs. Perhaps you can let your pet run loose for a bite once he or she is calm. However, keep him or her within your sight.

Use a Sunscreen

Not just you, but use sunscreen on your dog too. Some dog breeds are prone to getting sunburned. Now, you don’t want to apply sunscreen on yourself and leave your dog to burn in the sun? Remember to apply enough sunblock on the tips of your dog’s ears and their paws.

Provide Shade

Also, provide your pet shade and keep him or her out of harsh sunlight for an extended period of time. Even though you may have coated your dog in sunblock, you still need to provide him shade. Excessive sunlight isn’t good, and overexposure can lead to medical conditions in dogs.

Moreover, being in the sun can also dehydrate your pet and convert a fun day at the beach into a painful experience. So, keep an umbrella or something similar to prop up at the beach for sufficient shade.

Put the ID Tag On

Remember not to leave your dog’s ID tag at home! This is one of the common pet safety tips to be aware of. In addition, ensure the dog’s name, phone number, and address are listed clearly on the tag. In case you lose your pet pal, someone else can help get your dog back to you if the information is up-to-date.

Pack Dog Waste Bags, Fresh Water, & Food

Leaving trash at the beach is not good, and so is not picking up after your pet. Instead, keep dog waste bags with you and then discard the waste bags in a bin. Additionally, water is around you at the beach, just none to drink. So, ensure to include fresh water and food for your dog because being out in the sun for so long can dehydrate your pet.

Since summer is here, we hope you follow these pet safety tips for an enjoyable day at the beach with your dog!

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