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How to Protect Paws from Road Salt

alexander animal hospital protect paws from road salt

Take these steps to protect paws from road salt and injuries!

When it comes to winter weather, snow and sleet is all too common. With that comes salt being laid out along the sidewalk and streets. In fact, that road salt can be slightly harmful and quite hazardous to your pets. The reality is, you can easily take some proactive measures to properly protect your pets’ paws from the hazardous road salt. Ultimately, protecting their paws is easier than you may think. Here are some simple and easy tips and tricks to properly protect your furry friends’ paws from road salt effectively and efficiently.

Using Effective And Safe Products For Your Pup

When it comes to the winter weather, having your pets avoid rock salt can be quite difficult — especially when living in the mid-atlantic. In fact, placing some wax all around a pup’s paws can truly make a difference in their comfort level when it comes to walking along the sidewalk that might be covered in road salt. The reality is, many people living in urban areas can’t necessarily dictate the type of road salt that’s used. As a result, taking any type of proactive measures to ensure their furry friends stay safe and comfortable during the winter can go a long way towards ensuring they can seamlessly take their dog’s out for walks regularly. Ultimately, paw wax can be a game-changer.

Booties For Your Pets’ Paws

Another way to protect your pups from road salt is by getting booties for them. In fact, there are different types of booties available — from those using velcro to ones made of rubber. It’s hard to know which specific type works best for your pup, but it could be a matter of trial and error to determine the right booties for your furry friend. There are a lot of great booties out there for dog owners to choose from that’ll provide their pups with some much-needed relief from the burning sensation associated with walking on road salt. The reality is, being prepared for the winter months with some booties can be a great way to make sure your pup stays comfy outdoors. Ultimately, booties can really be a great investment when it comes to tackling the winter months like a pro as a dog owner. 

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