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How to Decipher Your Dog’s Body Language

How to Decipher Your Dog’s Body Language
You often talk to your dog, and they talk back. At least, they do in their own way.

You often talk to your dog, and they talk back. At least, they do in their own way. For all the times you wish you could understand what their barks mean, it doesn’t have to remain a mystery. But since dogs can’t speak back to us the way other people can, you will just have to read your dog’s body language. Here is a guide on how to do that.

Look at Their Eyes

The part of the eyes that matters the most is the white part, known as the sclera. Look at where your dog is looking. Tension manifests itself as the eyes being rounder than normal. You might also notice more of the white part than you normally would when your dog is feeling calm. This condition is called the “whale eye”. When the pupils are dilated, that also tells you that your pup is spooked. They might be feeling threatened, stressed out, or scared for some other reason. However, one way to know that your dog is feeling fine is also to watch the eyes. They squint when they feel relaxed, so you’ll spot almond-shaped eyes and you won’t be able to see any white at all.

Watch the Mouth

Your dog’s mouth can also tell you how they are feeling at the moment. An open mouth with slight panting also indicates a relaxed mood, as odd as that sounds. It’s just how dogs are programmed. Closed mouths and long lips display fear and tension. A snarling face exhibits anger or aggression, but hopefully, you only see that in small doses. Most of the time, your dog should smile. Along with other types of body language, you can tell that your dog is happy, especially when they perform a puppy bow.

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