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3 Simple Reasons on Why Your Cat Kneads

alexander animal hospital kneading

Kneading is the act of rhythmic pushing of the cat’s paws towards and away from the intended object.

Kneading is the act of rhythmic pushing of the cat’s paws towards and away from the intended object. Referred to as “making biscuits,” cats knead for several reasons – and in their unique ways. Some cats will push their claws out while kneading, while other cats do not. Nonetheless, what does it mean when your cat kneads on you? Let’s take a look at the following reasons.

Is Cat Kneading a Normal Behavior?

Cat kneading is entirely normal because it indicates that cats feel safe and happy. While kneading starts when cats are kittens, not all cats continue kneading into adulthood. Cats “making biscuits” shouldn’t be an issue, though it might be a problem if your cat directly kneads onto your skin. However, don’t punish your cats for kneading. Even though your cat isn’t kneading for malicious reasons, pay attention to where your cat is kneading. Research suggests kneading helps cats to maintain their claws.

Why Does My Cat Knead?

Cats continue to knead beyond kittenhood due to the following reasons:

  • It feels good for cats to knead on something soft and cozy or a human rather than on the floor. The surface on which your cat kneads creates a vast difference.
  • Kneading is another way for cats to reveal their vulnerability to you. Cats primarily knead on plush blankets or pillows. They may prefer soft, inviting human laps.
  • Cats also knead to leave their scent and mark their territory.

Whatever your stance on cat kneading is, we hope this quick information has helped you.

What If My Cat is Kneading on Me?

Furthermore, even if your cat isn’t harming you, there are some simple ways to fix this potential problem of your cat unraveling your favorite fabrics:

  • When and where does this behavior occur?
  • How can you prevent this behavior from happening?
  • What can you cover yourself with to redirect your cat’s behavior?
  • What is another alternative to punishment?

If you feel uncomfortable when your cat kneads onto your body, stand up slowly and allow your cat to fall off your lap naturally. Overall, kneading is a harmless, natural way for cats to express themselves.

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