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Why Microchipping Your Pet Works

alexander animal hospital microchipping your pet

Microchipping your pet can help them seek their way home.

Microchipping your pet can help them seek their way home. This is because if they are found, then they will be returned to their loving family as soon as possible. This article discusses why you should take advantage of this technological miracle.

Microchipping Saves Your Pet from Danger

Cats and dogs enjoy being outside. However, they may wander out past your fence. Microchipping your pet saves them from any possible dangers they might encounter in the world. For example, someone might take your pet to the shelter and leave it there. If you don’t know this happened, then you won’t be able to go pick them up. In addition, the microchip includes your contact information, so make sure to keep it up to date if you move.

Build a Strong Bond with Your Pet

One of the most essential aspects of proper animal care is bonding with your pets. This includes taking care of your pet. In addition, the microchip is designed to include your name, phone number, street address, and anything else that may be vital for identifying your pet. While ID tags are helpful, microchipping your pet makes more sense because they cannot be removed easily and are your pet’s only form of permanent identification.

Pet Microchipping Helps You Be Proactive

Planning for the future is imperative for your life. This is why you should also plan for your pets’ future. Microchipping your dog or cat is ideal for pet safety. Plus, your pet must receive a vet checkup, and their shots are updated yearly. When spring arrives, there is no time to help them ensure nothing happens to them when they go outside.

Support Your Pet’s Wellness at Alexander Animal Hospital

Alexander Animal Hospital is a full-service animal hospital located in Severna Park, Maryland, serving the Severna Park, Pasadena, and Arnold Areas. Our goal is educating clients on the needs of their pets and understanding the importance of individualized veterinary care in order to strengthen the human-animal bond between owners and their pets.

We understand you have a choice when deciding on the care for your pets, and we strive to provide you with unparalleled services including wellness exams, vaccineslost pet microchip ID, dental care, surgical services, digital radiography, and in-hospital laboratory services and diagnostics. Other highlights of Alexander Animal Hospital are the separate cat and dog waiting and exam rooms, as well as after-hours on-call emergency services.

Please take a look around our website and then give us a call at 410-777-8678 to set up an appointment. We’re social! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for all the latest updates!

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