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Fall Pet Safety Prevention Tips

alexander animal hospital fall pet safety prevention

Check out these fall pet safety prevention tips to enjoy the autumn season.

Don’t allow your pet to “fall” into some of the most prevalent safety hazards we see this time of year. Autumn may be the most beautiful season to some people, but there are unique risk factors you can prepare for your pet. Check out these fall pet safety prevention tips to enjoy the autumn season.

Avoid Mushrooms

As mushrooms show up all over our backyards and walking trails, staying away from them is imperative. Dogs and cats get curious about mushrooms over time but can get sick or even die if they eat the wrong mushroom. So, know where the mushrooms grow in your lawn and eliminate them. Also, don’t allow your dog or cat to play unattended anywhere near mushrooms.

Keep Antifreeze Away and Clean Up Drips

Avoid antifreeze poisoning in your pet as part of your fall pet safety prevention procedure. This poison acts quickly because a pet that consumes a little antifreeze can experience kidney failure. So, wipe up even the tiniest spills and keep all antifreeze containers sealed and out of your reach.

Decorations Can Be Hazardous

Decorating for fall holidays emphasizes the season’s excitement, but many decorations can damage your pets. For instance, skip the edible décor. Strings of corn cobs, popcorn, and gourds can tempt dogs and lead to severe consequences. And cats will happily knock off glass and ceramic pumpkins, bite electric cords, and get tangled in a string of lights. So, consider your pets when adding spice to your home décor.

Protect Your Pet from Creepy Bugs

Allowing your pet out to play is excellent mentally and physically; make sure you protect him or her from creepy crawlies. You can do this by bagging leaves, eliminating debris from close to your home, sealing your screens, and keeping your dog or cat on flea and tick prevention.

Don’t Allow Your Pet to Catch a Chill

While the cool autumn air feels friendly, dogs and cats can still suffer from hypothermia. If your dog or cat enjoys the backyard, ensure to check on them frequently and bring them inside after a while. Remember that senior pets and young animals have more difficulty regulating their body temperatures.

Ultimately, enjoy the memories, love, and unbeatable adventures this autumn as part of your fall pet safety prevention.

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