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Tips to Adding Joy to Your Senior Pet’s Life

alexander animal hospital add joy to your senior pet's life

Here are different ways to add joy to your senior pet’s life.

Is your furry friend struggling to jump onto your bed or breathing slightly harder after your usual walks these days? This can indicate that your pet is aging, and you must adjust to their lifestyle needs. As pets become older, they might slow down. In fact, your aging pet needs love, tender care, and support. Here are different ways to add joy to your senior pet’s life.

Monitor Your Pet’s Food

As your pet pal becomes older, they might not have the same appetite as they used to. That is because older pets tend to have diet problems which include appetite loss, digestive problems, and obesity, among others. Ask your veterinarian whether you should change your pet’s diet and receive advice on the best pet food.

Also, a diet change can include minimizing the number of carbs your pet consumes or feeding your pet more fiber to assist with digestion to keep a healthy weight. In addition, find out the correct amount of food to provide your pet and the best exercise plan.

Stimulate Your Pet’s Mind and Body

Just like humans, aging pets feel pain and struggle with performing the physical exercises they used to love. So, add joy to your senior pet’s life by exercising them. Take your pooch on short strolls as you monitor their pace and breathing to ensure nothing is wrong. In addition, your pet’s mind needs some exercise. Stimulate your pet’s mind with exciting toys such as food puzzles.

Inspect Your Furry Friend’s Teeth

Dental hygiene is necessary for pets as they age. For example, your pet might start having foul breath and dental diseases as they age. This is why brushing their teeth regularly and taking them for professional dental cleaning is essential.

As a result, this can prevent dental illnesses and decay. Also, this can assist your pet in overcoming chewing issues. Or consider dental toys and treats if your pet doesn’t like having their teeth cleaned.

Regular Vet Checkups are Vital

You might also have to take your aging pet to the veterinarian’s office every six months. Unfortunately, older pets tend to get sick with arthritis and other illnesses. The good news is that regular pet wellness exams can diagnose these health issues early and extend your pet’s life.

To learn more about how you can add joy to your senior pet’s life, visit Alexander Animal Hospital or call us at 410-777-8678 to book a vet appointment.

Support Your Pet’s Wellness at Alexander Animal Hospital

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