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What to Know About Dog Warts

alexander animal hospital dog warts

Dog warts are minor skin growths usually found on a dog’s lips and inside their mouth – and sometimes on their paws or eyelids.

Have you noticed a red bump on your dog’s snout? Or an abnormal skin growth on their paw? It could be a wart. Dog warts are minor skin growths usually found on a dog’s lips and inside its mouth. They are also sometimes on their paws or eyelids. Any dog can develop these harmless warts, but these benign growths can result in secondary infections if they become infected or inflamed. Here’s what you should know about dog warts.

Appearance of Dog Warts

Dog warts are usually easy to spot. They resemble a small head of cauliflower or brain, have a dark color, and can be oval, round, or irregularly shaped. Also, these warts are directly on your dog’s skin and sometimes form in clusters. They also tend to resemble skin tags.

Even though dog warts don’t cause canines any discomfort or pain, they can bleed or lead to infection if they snag on something. Until it heals, it will cause some irritation to your dog.

Causes of Dog Warts

Any canine can develop warts, but they almost form in dogs younger than two years old since their immune systems haven’t fully developed. In addition, dog warts are commonly on canines that spend much time with other dogs. Overall, warts are prevalent in dogs and shouldn’t cause pet owners any alarm.


At Alexander Animal Hospital, your veterinarian will likely diagnose your dog with warts based on their physical appearance. Otherwise, your vet will seek abnormalities through fine needle aspiration. This is when a small amount of tissue or fluid is suctioned from the growth with a needle. Afterward, the veterinarian will inspect it under a microscope.

Removal of Canine Warts

Fortunately, most cases of dog warts don’t require a trip to the vet, but it’s still ideal to keep an eye on them. Most of the time, these dog warts go away independently as the dog’s immune system learns to fight it.

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