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Do You Have a Feline? Try Out These Cat Training Tips

alexander animal hospital cat training

Start your cat training with something easy, like teaching your feline friend to sit.

Most people think cats are aloof pets that cannot be trained, but this isn’t true. While they might not always be as easy to prepare as canines, you can train your cat to complete tricks or promote desirable behaviors. Common examples include using their scratching post rather than tearing up your furnishings or holding out a paw to shake. Try out these cat training tips to work with your pet to develop positive habits and introduce fun activities into their life.

Keep Things Short, Optimistic, and Consistent

Cats respond to rewards like treats or petting rather than punishments. Unfortunately, these are ineffective and may harm your relationship with your cat. In addition, use treats only for rewarding behaviors, so your feline understands how to earn them. When you attempt to teach your cat a trick, keep your lesson short since they have a short attention span. As long as your feline participates, a few minutes of cat training numerous times daily creates a good schedule.

Furthermore, be consistent and say no in a firm, calm voice if your cat exhibits unwanted behavior. If they behave or perform a trick like you want, always praise them. Remember always to be ready with brushing, petting, or a treat.

Use a Clicker

Purchase a clicker at a pet store and utilize it to make a sound instantly when your kitten shows a desired behavior. Also, you can attempt to make a clicking or kissing sound with your mouth, but a clicker’s noise is always consistent. The clicker lets your pet control its environment so they will be eager to repeat the behavior.

Begin Small and Easy

Start your cat training with something easy, like teaching your feline friend to sit. Wait until he or she sits down, and instantly use your clicker and give them a treat. As your cat does this constantly for several days, add a word such as sit to signal the action, and continue using it and completing a reward. Finally, your cat must respond to the word sit by completing the activity and earning a bonus. From then on, you’ll reward sitting only when your kitty receives this verbal signal.

Ultimately, cat training is a great way to spend time with and bond with your kitty. Remember to be positive, keep your voice gentle and firm, and be patient.

Support Your Pet’s Wellness at Alexander Animal Hospital

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