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How to Prevent Your Dog From Overheating

how to prevent your dog from overheating

Learn how to tell if your dog is overheating on hot days.

Summer heat is no joke when you regularly wear a fur coat as our canine companions do. Canine heatstroke is a potentially deadly occurrence that is unfortunately common during the hot summer months. Fortunately, overheating is also 100% preventable, and following these tips is a great way to keep your furry family member safe as the end-of-summer heat winds down. 

Signs That Your Dog Is Overheating

When people get overly hot, we sweat to cool down. Dogs don’t do this (can you imagine the sweaty, wet dog mess if they did?), so they need different ways to cool down. The primary way they cool down as they start to overheat is to pant. If you notice excessive panting in your dog, they are beginning to overheat. The other cooling mechanism that dog bodies use is to divert blood flow from internal organs out to the skin. This can make their skin feel very hot because they’re trying to cool their bodies. Aside from these signs, overheating might cause lethargy, vomiting, bright red or blue gums, or seizures. 

Preventing Overheating

To prevent overheating, never leave your dog in a parked car. Even in the shade or with a window cracked, it can still be deadly. Ensure your dog has fresh water all day long, and create cool zones where there is shade or a cooling mat. When you take your dog out for exercise, choose to do it in the coolest part of the day. Finally, make sure that you’re brushing your dog’s coat regularly so that the shedding fur doesn’t build up. 

Responding To Overheating

If you’re afraid your dog is overheating, you need to cool him off as soon as possible. You can rinse him with cool water, but avoid icy water, which could cause shock. Give your dog water to drink, and then take them to the vet. On the way to the vet, have the windows down, so the evaporation cools him.

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