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How to Care for Your Dog in the Winter

The winter is a fun time for everyone in your family, even your four-legged pals. However, it is important to remember that your dog may require some extra TLC in the extreme cold. They might refuse to go outside for a walk or bathroom time unless you clear a path for them from the front door down to the sidewalk, for instance. Here are a few suggestions for what you can do for your pooch this winter.

Paw Care

The polar vortex is causing conditions that are dangerous and even fatal to humans. The same goes for our dogs. Look out for their paws. Their legs, tails, and ears are most vulnerable to the effects of frostbite, so play around with the idea of giving them a hat and some special boots, if not a sweater. Even if your dog hates human clothes, they’ll be better off if you bundle them up.

Make Meal Time Fun

In the winter, we all want to hibernate. You may start to notice that your dog has less energy than normal. Make meal time fun by turning it into a treasure hunt around the house, or load up a toy that can bounce and wobble away, dropping food as it goes.

Don’t Unleash Them

Whenever you do go outside, don’t let your dog off the leash. Even if you think that no one is nearby, you can never be sure if your dog will be aggressive towards unfamiliar animals and people that you may encounter. Besides, you don’t want them getting hurt or lost if they wander off. Keep your walks outside short, because as cold as it is, both of you won’t be enjoying the experience for long.

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