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Help! My Dog’s Private Part is Stuck Out!

alexander animal hospital dog's private part is stuck out

Paraphimosis refers to when a dog’s private part is stuck out, which may be unpleasant and dangerous.

While most people know the exact function and location of a dog’s private part, many dog owners don’t know the medical term “paraphimosis.” This occurs when a dog’s private part is stuck out, which can be unpleasant and dangerous. The staff at Alexander Animal Hospital recommends observing your dog’s anatomy and behavior to determine when things aren’t right.

What to Know About Your Dog’s Private Part

Most of the time, your dog’s private part resides comfortably inside a protective covering called the prepuce or the foreskin. Its primary function is during intercourse. During mating, the glans leaves the prepuce. In addition, ejaculation triggers the bulbus glandis (base of the private part) to engorge, which helps keep the mating pair connected for 15-20 minutes. 

Moreover, neutered dogs have fewer opportunities to trigger the glans into action. So, it’s equally normal never to view the shiny, red part of the dog’s glans outside the prepuce.

It’s Normal Until It’s Not

After ejaculation, the glans might be temporarily stuck out for various minutes. However, your dog’s private part is stuck out if it’s been longer than 20 minutes. Paraphimosis refers to the inability to re-sheathe the glans. This condition is caused by:

When your dog’s private part is stuck out, it can have a different color or appear irritated or dry. This condition can also start uncomfortable and result in severe complications such as necrosis, infection, and urination difficulty.

Addressing this Crucial Condition

Experienced dog owners might know precisely when and how to intervene. It’s essential to reduce swelling and slowly push the glans back into the foreskin. Lubrication is also vital for this process. In addition, it may be necessary to remove hair or other obstruction. If problems continue to affect your dog’s private part, it may lead to corrective surgery. Especially if the health condition relates to an abnormality or congenital deformity.

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