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Pet Safety: How to Keep Your Dog Calm on the Fourth of July

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Fortunately, there are pet safety methods to keep your dog calm on the Fourth of July.

Even though it’s a celebratory day for people, the July 4th holiday can be threatening to your pet’s health and happiness. They can be frightening and hazardous for dogs. The sound of fireworks commonly causes pets to panic and run away. Fortunately, there are pet safety methods to keep your dog calm on the Fourth of July.

Prepare for the Holiday

Desensitize Your Pet to Loud Sounds

Although fireworks can be pretty to some humans, they are very loud and terrifying for your dog. Consider practicing positive enforcement to demonstrate that these loud noises are too scary. Play recordings of fireworks while you and your pet relax together. Once the displays begin, please keep him in a room where he is safe and relaxed. Also, block outside sounds and sights as much as possible by lowering the blinds and turning on the radio or television.

Identify Your Dog’s Stress Source

Scared dogs might pant, drool, whine, tremble, pace, seek a hiding place, or attach themselves to you. So, acknowledge this pet safety and know when to comfort your dog.

Ensure Your Dog is Easy to Identify

Many dogs take flight when they are frightened. Is your dog’s tags and microchip information up to date in case they make a run for it? Do you have a recent photo of your pet? Pet identification is critical in case your pet gets loose.

Receive Professional Assistance if Necessary

If your pet’s anxiety is severe, make a vet appointment so you can discuss a medication that can help soothe your dog. This pet safety method might help them calm down during these traumatic times.

Pet Safety Tips During the Celebration

  • Keep your dog inside in a safe space. Some pets feel the safest in a crate with toys, blankets, and treats.
  • Make sure to secure your doors and windows. You will minimize the possibility of your dog getting out by shutting everything.
  • Go with your pet and hold on to the leash when you take him outside to do his business. This is in case fireworks go off during this time.
  • Keep curious dogs away from fire – charcoal, matches, barbecue grills, and lighter fluid.
  • Please avoid insect repellents or sunscreen made by humans because your dog might lick them and get sick. In addition, they can be irritating to the lungs, stomach, and central nervous system.
  • Comfort your nervous pet if it shows signs of severe stress. Utilize a soothing tone of voice as you pet them slowly and gently.

After the Festivities

Before allowing your dog outside to play, search for and eliminate all fireworks debris, which may be dangerous if ingested. Also, eliminate trash bags, full trashcans, drink cups, beer cans, and food scraps your pet could get into.

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