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Dog Ownership Questions: How Do I Control Excessive Barking?

Dog Ownership Questions: How Do I Control Excessive Barking?

Dog ownership is a joyful experience, but the journey is not without its twists and turns.

All dogs are good dogs. Unfortunately, some have an irritating habit of barking too much. Barking is normal because it’s how dogs vocalize and express themselves. After all, they can’t speak any human language – much as we would like them to, of course! Dog ownership is a joyful experience, but the journey is not without its twists and turns. Luckily, we’ve given you a rundown on how to control your dog’s obnoxious barking. 

Barking is Normal Behavior

As we indicated above, barking is how your dog communicates. Obviously, they have their own form of body language to tell when you when it’s feeding time, playtime, or bedtime. Have you ever felt like your dog was “herding” you? That’s normal behavior, and so is barking. Noisy dogs can be nuisances, though; they’re liable to upset your neighbors and potentially get you into trouble with the HOA or rental management companies. Reducing external stimuli, exercising some patience, and correcting your exuberant pup as necessary are compassionate ways to help bring the bark-storm down to a dull roar.  

While You’re All at Home

So this all begs the question: what can you do while everyone is at home? Bossy and suspicious dogs are prone to “yelling” at everything they see as any interloper – unfamiliar guests, random passersby, and rude neighbors. Training that focuses on positive reinforcement, such as rewards, toys, treats, and cuddle time, can make a huge difference.   

While You’re Out and About

Dog ownership definitely has its ups and downs. Much like how you can teach your human children to behave when you’re out in public, you can do the same for your dogs. Puppy training is essential, especially when you are concerned about both obedience and manners. Anti-bark collars are relatively inexpensive devices that can discourage excessive barking. One model delivers mild shocks while the other releases a citrusy fog that startles the dog and stops them from barking so much. Debarking sounds like an extreme method, but it only muffles the barking. That way, they can still “speak,” just not as loudly. Don’t try this yourself;  consult your veterinarian and discuss with them the best way to approach the procedure!

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