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Does Your Kitty Experience Separation Anxiety?

alexander animal hospital kitty separation anxiety

Does your kitty experience separation anxiety?

As kitty owners, we love them and want to see them content. However, our furry companions can experience anxiety, known as separation anxiety, when they’re left alone. Just like humans, cats may feel stressed when separated from their loved ones or when their routines are disrupted. At Alexander Animal Hospital, we understand the significance of addressing cat behavior problems.

Signs of Separation Anxiety

Cats might display specific signs when experiencing separation anxiety. Common behaviors to watch for include:

  • Destructive behavior: Chewing on household items, urinating outside the litter box, and scratching furniture can indicate anxiety
  • Excessive vocalization: Your kitty might meow excessively or make other noises when left alone
  • Hiding: When anxious, some cats might hide in closets or under furniture
  • Excessive grooming: Cats might also groom themselves excessively, leading to skin irritation or bald patches
  • Appetite changes: Separation anxiety can decrease or increase your cat’s appetite

Managing Separation Anxiety in Cats

Although managing with separation anxiety can be a challenge, you can practice steps to help your kitty feel more comfortable. Consider the following strategies:

  • Establishing a routine – Cats thrive on routine and attempt to maintain a consistent agenda for playtime, feeding, and litter box cleaning. Predictability can help minimize anxiety.
  • Creating a safe space – Designate a comfortable area where your kitty can retreat when they are anxious. In addition, provide toys and bedding to occupy them.
  • Enriching your cat’s environment – Also, consider offering cat trees, interactive toys, and scratching posts to engage them mentally and physically.
  • Scent association – Leave an item with your scent because the familiar scent can alleviate their separation anxiety when you’re away.
  • Gradual desensitization – Gradually increase the duration when leaving your kitty alone because this will help them get used to being alone.
  • Medication – Your vet might recommend anti-anxiety medication to help manage your cat’s separation anxiety.

At Alexander Animal Hospital, our team understands that every cat is unique. We are here to help you navigate any behavioral problems your kitty might be experiencing.

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