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Picking the Best Cat Toys this Holiday

alexander animal hospital Picking the Best Cat Toys this Holiday

Alexander Animal Hospital provides some advice on picking the best cat toys this holiday in this article.

Many of our cat patients will be receiving new toys this month with the holidays approaching. Cats are always cute when they are being playful. It’s hard not to smile when your kitty pushes another one of her catnip mice or squirrels under the couch. Alexander Animal Hospital provides some advice on picking the best cat toys this holiday in this article.

Pay Attention to Your Cat’s Personality

Our cat pals are unique individuals and have their personal preferences. While our cat might love crinkly toys, another might go for squeaking toys. Observe what your feline likes and dislikes. If you have more than one kitty, you’ll want to provide various toys. It is likely they have different tastes regarding playtime.

Also, does your kitty sometimes scratch or bite you when she’s playing? Select some toys that you can manage from a distance. This will help you teach your feisty pet better manners. Some good choices include wand toys, laser pointers, and remote-controlled options. 

Consider Catnip Sensitivity

While the catnip mouse might vary, it may well be the ultimate cat toy. Many pet owners don’t know that not all cats are sensitive to catnip. In particular, young kitties and seniors are immune to it. When picking the best cat toys this holiday for Fluffy, opt for a honeysuckle toy instead. For some reason, many of our feline friends that are immune to catnip effects are attracted to honeysuckle. For extra fun, get your cat some catnip bubbles.

High-Tech Cat Toys

Cats may enjoy playing with classic simple toys like mice or balls. However, there are many high-tech cat toys for them. Some toys react to Fluffy’s movements, while you can control others with remotes or smartphones. Try something new when picking the best cat toys this holiday!

Do You Also Have a Dog?

Remember that cat toys can also appeal to dogs. In addition, many of them are the perfect size for puppies to choke on. That doesn’t signify you shouldn’t buy your pet any toys. Just pick the ones that won’t tempt your dog. Or, keep the toys in an area your pooch can’t easily access.

We Would Love the Opportunity to Care for Your Furry Friends!

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