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Do You Ever Wonder Why Dogs Eat Poop?

alexander animal hospital Dogs Eat Poop

Why dogs eat poop might be a mystery, but this blog may help you be a bit more understanding.

Dogs are not known for their perfect palates, that’s for sure. Why they enjoy lapping up toilet water or raiding the trash is beyond us here at Alexander Animal Hospital. Of all the nasty doggy delicacies out there, one is always more disgusting than the rest. Why dogs eat poop might be a mystery, but this blog may help you be a bit more understanding.

The Puzzle of Why Dogs Eat Poop

Poop eating, aka coprophagia, is a prevalent canine indiscretion. Regardless if it’s the cat’s litter box, bunny droppings in the backyard, or their own poop, this behavior is concerning to most pet parents. In addition, coprophagia can risk your pet to intestinal parasites, which likely won’t help with doggy breath. If it becomes severe, poop eating behavior can also trigger nutritional deficiencies. Prevalent reasons for why dogs eat poop can include:

However, some poop eating can be behavioral. For instance, some dogs can learn the behavior from others, dogs lacking environmental stimulation might turn to poop as a toy, or a dog’s pack instincts frequently tell her to clean up after packmates and pups.

How to Address a Poop Eater

If you’ve caught your dog consuming poop, don’t panic. There isn’t much you need to complete besides good tooth brushing. Parasite prevention and routine intestinal parasite screening should be a part of your dog’s regular wellness routine.

However, we must talk if your pup is constantly eating poop. Please schedule an appointment immediately so that we can ensure that there are no underlying health problems. Understanding why most dogs eat poop might be slightly more complicated than one would think. But when we collaborate together as a team, we can often assist curb the craving.

We Would Love the Opportunity to Care for Your Furry Friends!

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