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Did You Know that January is Walk Your Dog Month?

alexander animal hospital walk your dog month

In honor of Walk Your Dog Month, we share several tips to help you master your next dog walk.

On some winter days in Maryland, dog walks can feel more of a chore than a good time. That’s kind of the point behind Walk Your Dog Month in January. During these coldest days of the year, we all need an excuse to spruce up the daily stroll with our pups, and it’s an excellent New Year’s resolution, too! In honor of Walk Your Dog Month, we share several tips to help you master your next dog walk.

Sharpen Your Dog-Walking Form

Do you need the challenge to get moving this month? This can be your chance to master your walking form. An ideal walk is seeing your pet walking beside or slightly behind you without pulling or tugging. However, it takes some work to get there! An excellent place to start for heavy pullers is a no-pull harness. They are designed to make it hard for your pet to tug on the leash with force. Once you’ve managed your dog’s movements, start practicing positive reinforcement. Always ensure you reward your doggo with a treat when they’re walking by your side, and don’t yell or yank the leash if your dog breaks form.

In addition, having a leash you love can impact the quality of your walks. Consider using a hands-free option so you can bring your morning coffee. Or a waterproof collar and leash combo if you dread the mildew smell of a wet leash. You may also focus on practicing good form with your new leash to discourage your pet from wandering.

Set Fun Exercise Goals with Your Pet

Setting fun activity goals isn’t for everyone. Perhaps you’re hoping to tire an energetic dog to cut back on the chaos around your home, or you’d like to help an overweight dog lose a little weight. Either way, tracking your progress against fixed goals can provide motivation when the weather is dreary.

Waterproof Yourself and Your Pet

It’s hard to say whether the damp or cold of January is worse. Although not all dogs need clothes, small and senior dogs need an extra layer for a rainy outing. We recommend dog rain jackets for reducing post-walk drying and cleanup since they keep the mud off your dog’s belly and sides.

Change Up Your Usual Route

To make walks more fun for you and your dog, this Walk Your Dog Month, be adventurous and travel off the usual route. Go to cool places like a friend’s home or the dog park. However, you do it, walking your dog is one of the easiest ways to bond with your pet!

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