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Can Your Dog Tell How You Are Feeling?

alexander animal hospital your dog can tell how you are feeling

Do you ever wonder if your dog can tell how you are feeling?

Do you ever wonder if your dog can tell how you are feeling? It turns out they can. Dogs observe different signals to notice how their favorite humans are feeling. They can recognize chemical changes using their sense of smell and pick up on facial expression changes and behaviors.

Do Dogs Experience Emotions?

Researchers think dogs can experience basic emotions such as fear, love, joy, anger, and sadness. It is also thought that dogs can sense these same basic emotions in their favorite humans. It’s unclear whether your dog can tell how you are feeling.

How Can My Dog Know What I’m Feeling?

So, how can your dog tell how you are feeling? While dogs have limited ability to understand human emotions, they are masters of recognizing behavioral cues and advanced senses of smell. These two personality traits are the primary ways that pups view moods.

Dogs Use Their Advanced Sense of Smell

Did you know that one-third of a dog’s brain is dedicated to scent cells? Dogs have two senses of smell, one for food and the other for pheromones. Animals create and release pheromones. Human changes also provoke chemical changes that dogs can sense. Over time, dogs can link certain scents to specific emotions. For example, some dogs are trained to detect severe health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, or malaria.

Dogs Are Observant of Behavior Changes

Lastly, dogs are great observers of their owners and environment. Human facial expressions change to how we’re feeling. Your dog can tell how you feel by how you say words. Regardless of the words you say, your dog will wag its tail when you use a sweet tone of voice.

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